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Brawl it Out
Hosted by Jamal Woolard "Gravy"

A reality show based on boxing, we take everyday people who have conflicts with eachother and give them a chance to release their frustration, get into the ring and fight. These people are not trained fighters and are supervised by professionals in the ring.

Our fighters challenge each other to a dual based on a real unresolved conflict, giving them the chance to “Brawl It Out” in a completely safe, legal, and entertaining environment. The winner of the fight is chosen by 3 celebrity judges and they are rewarded. The issues between the two oppenents are resolved. Instead of people fighting in the street with the risk of injury and legal consequences, they get to do it here where the fight is performed in a controlled environment regulated by a referee.

There are 3 celebrity judges per episode.
The first episode features…
Jim Jones (Rapper)
Shannon Briggs (Professional Boxer)
Renee Graziano (Reality TV celebrity)
Raphiel vs Joe
Dave vs Paul
Annalia vs Jasmine
Hank vs David
Kev vs Paul

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